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Free Play

There are also many free play activities including toys, games, role play, games consoles, colouring activities, pool table, football, board games, dolls and DVDs to watch. There are also many outdoor activities such as scooters, footballs, skateboards, hoops, quoits, skipping ropes, parachutes, bouncy hoppers etc. Children are fully supervised using safety equipment. Your child will always have access to a variety of play opportunities with their friends. Good behaviour, manners and teamwork are encouraged by rewarding children with positive praise and prize raffles.


Dragons Den

The Dragons Den is situated in a quiet area, it is supervised by either Mrs Smith or another qualified member of staff. Children can complete homework independently or with support if required. It is also a tuition group. If there are any areas of the curriculum your child would benefit revising, (Key stage 1 or 2). The Dragon's Den will provide opportunities for children of all ages to take part in activities whilst learning.

Art Attack

This is a craftstation manned by a member of staff. Children's work will be displayed in the hall for parents, members of staff and all children to admire.